What's in the box?

I have so many new products coming in for the year, that I thought I would share my excitement with you. Below is a picture of the first of many new items I'll be unveiling in the coming weeks. Let's have a little fun and see if you can guess what it is. Just leave a comment with your guess and the first person that gets it right will get a $25 gift card to Gambill Photography. The "contest" ends on Saturday when I will post the winner and pictures of What's in the Box!!


Tessa McGowan 7:07 AM  

Is it a platter?

Anonymous 1:54 PM  


Tabetha 5:26 PM  

Well, since only two other people have guessed I will make a couple...
pillow, blanket, clock, keepsake box, trivet, mousepad, coasters???

Tabetha 5:28 PM  
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Anonymous 7:18 PM  

I think it is some kind of china with a beautiful picture on it!! ???

Julie Smith

Melissa Latta 8:05 AM  

a tile with a picture on it!