What's in the box? - a new wedding album

Thanks to everyone that guessed, but I was looking for wedding album or even just album.

If you've ever spoken with me about weddings, you'll know that my absolute favorite thing to do is design albums. When album binding companies provide new products to enhance my designs, its even more exciting.

This album is a 10x13 storybook. I know, storybook albums are not that new. But, this one has a couple of unique options.

First in the cover. This album has a beautiful cover called ICE. It is actually a metallic print bonded to a piece of thick acrylic with your choice of leather spine and back.

It also has an elegant beveled edge to give that beautiful finishing touch.

Second, metallic prints were chosen for this particular album, but you can put this cover on a regular album as well. Metallic paper does not show up as well in photographs as it does in person. The colors in this album really popped on the metallic paper and had almost an iridescent quality. Here are a couple of colorful spreads in the album.

Metallic prints are bound on a thinner page than standard album prints. But it is just thick enough to give the album substance and a beautiful finished look.