Thank You, thank you, thank you!!

I found out this week that Gambill Photography won the Ruthies Award for Rutherford County's Favorite Photographer/Studio. The results were released in Sunday's paper. It is such an honor to win this award and I can't thank you enough for taking the time vote. God has richly blessed our business with wonderful clients and friends and we look forward to continue to provide you with beautiful memories.

Make sure you click on over to the DNJ site and view all the winners. These are great businesses to support in your local community.

Trey and Angie at the Ruthies Awards ceremony at the new Embassy Suites.


Rachel Baby 8:53 PM  

Congratulations! :) That's great!

Stephanie Edens 6:19 AM  

congratulations, angie!!!

Sinclair Photography 7:20 AM  

Congratulations on your awesome win Angie! As a photographer, it is so nice to see other photographers in the community be recognized for all the hard work and effort that is put in to running a business. And running it well! All the time spent editing, late nights away from family, missed social events, it all pays off in the end. So here's to all the times you've crawled around in the dirt to get that "one cool shot". Here is your day in the sun! Soak it up!
Many, many congratulations! (and kudos to your husband as well...the husbands are often times our silent warriors in the business with us, that lend us a huge hand to hold through it all!)

Kelly Sinclair

Brandy Ferrara 4:25 PM  

I am so super excited for you! And I'm so glad all my clicks went to a good cause! LOL Congrats! You earned and deserved this recognition!

ashley 11:27 PM  

congratulations!!!! well deserved.

ashley of ashleysbrideguide.com

April & Tommy Teichman 6:39 AM  

Way to go!! That is a wonderful accomplishment!! God has truly blessed you and your beautiful family!