New Wedding Product

Why only be able to show off your wedding photos and video to your friends and family when you are around a tv or computer. Why not be able show off both your photos and video anywhere you go.

Our 10x10 Silver Screen book will allow you to not only showcase your favorite wedding photos in a beautiful one-of-a-kind designed book, but the 4.1" screen in the back allows you to watch crystal clear video with an incredible sound quality. The book is re-chargeable and holds up to 5 hours of video play time.

Inside the book is a place for you to put your own DVD copy of your special video.

Choose from material or leather cover options. The book holds up to 30 sides (15 pages).

Beautiful layflat pages creating a storybook style wedding.

What are you waiting for? Let us create a photo and video experience unlike anything you've ever seen before. Contact the studio for more information.


Jessica Reed 8:57 AM  

Omg! How cute is that!.... now if only I was getting married soon.. haha

Rebecca George 9:38 AM  

I would like to mention again how cool this is!! It is so hip and practical at the same time. I love it!