Murfreesboro Wedding Photography - Rachel and Aaron

Rachel and Aaron had a beautiful wedding at Third Baptist Church in June. I began the day with Rachel and her girls at What's New Salon. They all looked just beautiful. The ladies at What's New always do such a great job. Then we had to the church where Rachel got ready to see her guy for the first time. It is always such a beautiful moment when a couple decides to see each other before the ceremony. I stay and take those "first look" pics but then leave them completely alone to talk and be excited about the day together. Something they definitely wouldn't get to do with hundreds of people watching them during the ceremony.

We had a great time just taking picture after picture and the day went by so fast. From the ceremony to the Country Club for the reception where we drove around in the golf cart and took some more photos at sunset.

All in all, it was an absolutely perfect day and I wish Rachel and Aaron many blessings for their marriage!!

Rachel looked so beautiful and just the happiest of brides.

A little Abbey Road

I was a little nervous laying all this bling in the running water, but my asst held her hands underneath just in case a gush of water pushed them off.

I don't think Aaron stopped smiling and laughing all day. Their exit from the church was beautiful with all the red petals.

More highlights from their wedding by clicking play below...


alison Bynum 10:42 AM  

yay! beautiful!

GrayPhotography - Zach and Jody 12:48 AM  

Came across your blog and wanted to say hi... LOVE the ring shot, among others :) Blessings, JG

Rachel Baby 9:03 AM  

Thank you ladies - for capturing every moment possible! I couldn't be happier with the results. It was truly the best day of my life - and thank you for being apart of it, especially you, Angie!

amy j. 2:37 PM  

I'm a budding photographer...self taught. You are an amazing photographer...truly inspirational.

You did this perfectly!