Senior Photos - Murfreesboro

Cassidy is a 2009 graduating senior. She stopped by the studio a couple weeks ago for some photos.

This is probably my favorite photo of the session.

Not a great shot of the boots, but I love this photo. We were all going crazy over how cute her boots were on her.

Cassidy has just the most incredible eyes. It was hard for me to not shoot in close on all the photos to really highlight the eyes.

We did these photos before Valentine's Day and I thought the red LOVE shirt was really cute for V-Day.

This is Cassidy's boyfriend, Cody. I did his senior session just before Christmas and will post them soon. How cute are they!!

****Just a note****
If you are a 2009 Senior, its not too late for photos. If you are a 2010 senior, check back soon on the blog for some exciting options for your senior photos.