Wedding Fun

Its always great when we get to work with the ladies at McNeal Video. I checked my email this morning to find some pics from Lynette McNeal that just made me laugh. So I had to post them. A little background... the bride and groom were gracious enough to let me do some photos outside even though it was FREEZING and the wind was going strong. The veil just did not want to stay in. So Nina, my incredible assistant, was holding it. The effect of the veil blowing in the wind was just too beautiful for me not to get some pictures of it.

One of the resulting images...

Go check out Cheryl's notes on the McNeal Video blog. She always has some great anecdotes to tell about the weddings. I'll be posting more on this wedding in a few days.


Anonymous 9:59 PM  

What a great picture!!! It shows how fabulous the rest of the photos will be. Can't wait to see them! Thanks so much.
Terrie Robinson - mother of groom

Lynette 2:47 AM  

WOW! That is a great shot!!!
I'm anxious to see the rest of them too!

Cheryl 10:00 PM  

Angie you're awesome! You're one of THE BEST photographers in Nashville. And it's about time that all of Nashville realizes this! Your stuff always blows me away! Looking forward to working with you guys in 2009 :-)

Rachel Baby 12:16 AM  

Love the shot - Nina and you. Can't wait til June! :)