Wedding at Rover Methodist Church

I have known this bride practically my entire life. When you grow up in a small town, your pretty much know everyone, but Susan and I went to elementary and high school together. She is also one that swore she would never get married. So imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from her that she was getting married in August and wanted me to photograph the wedding. It was so great to get to spend these special moments with Susan and her family.

Bryan definitely adores her as is evident in the photos.

Susan's sisters, friends and mom were giving her marriage advice just before the ceremony writing it on this board. Pretty good advice too!

This was such a quaint little church. I love that its white with a steeple and sits on a hill. Susan and her family have been members of this church for years.

Susan and Bryan had such great expressions while cutting the cake and toasting. They definitely had a good time at the reception at her parents' house.

Take a look at more of my favorites from Susan and Bryan's wedding.


Holli 7:31 AM  


I CAN NOT believe Susan Martin got married!!!

Congrats Susan!!!