08.08.08 Wedding

Wes and Jonna contacted me about photographing their wedding and I was delighted. (I knew right off that we would get along great because we share a love of the tv show LOST.) They told me they were getting married at First Baptist Shelbyville with the reception at the Blue Ribbon Club and I got a bit nostolgic as that is where my husband and I had our ceremony and reception almost 9 years ago. I haven't had the opportunity to photograph a wedding at First Baptist, so I was excited. Not only that but they were going to have a butterfly release as their exit - another first.

My favorite spot at the church is a small cemetery in the back. That is where this photo was taken.

The butterfly release. Such a different idea to the normal bubbles or rose petals. Unfortunately, I think the butterflies liked Jonna's veil the best as a number of them ended up in it.

One gorgeous butterfly hitched a ride on the carriage and we noticed it when we got out at the celebration grounds. The butterfly was gracious enough to let us photograph him up close on the bouquet.

The bride having fun at the reception playing the fiddle with a little help from a member of the band, Mammoth Jack.

A little chorus line action with the minister and his wife on the end.

A special thanks to Alison Bynum for second shooting for me at this wedding!!!

Other vendors:
Videography - Pursuit Video
Cake, Flowers - Celebration Center
Catering - Tom Fuller

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Wow Butterfly release...I bet there were some great shots from that!!