2007 Year in Weddings

Wow, I can't believe that January 08 is almost over. I thought I should take just a minute to reflect on the past year. There is so much to talk about. I had a lot of first locations for weddings, mostly outdoor and all beautiful. I met so many wonderful new people and have new friendships to enjoy. It was the first year for me to start photographing babies of previous brides. That was such a great feeling, to know that the couple whose wedding I had photographed were now creating a family together and they wanted me to photograph the child. And at the end of the year, opened my studio. The plan was to be open by fall, but a few glitches here and there and I am open now. I could just go on and on about how great this year has been, but I'll let you watch the slideshow to see the wonderful people I got to work with on their wedding day this year. I am so excited about 2008. There is so much in the works right now that I will be able to announce in the next few weeks. Thank you for continued support and watch the blog for all the latest news.


Denise Skelton 10:42 AM  

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your 2007 highlights. I know all of these brides were so fortunate to have you as their photographer. Many blessings for 2008!