New Art Piece

I am so excited about this. My good friend, Holly, opened her new office a couple of weeks ago. In planning her decor, she wanted an eye-catching piece of personal art. One of State Farm's marketing phrases is "We Live Where You Live", so we traveled around Bellevue, Tennessee taking photos of the area's most well-known landmarks. With those pictures, I created a piece of art that she also used on greeting cards. To make it a focal point in her office, I had it printed as 16 separate canvases. Totalling a little over 4 feet in size. After her dad and I spent an hour and a half hanging, this is the final product...

They are 12 inch individual wrap-around canvases, but instead of the photo wrapping, we gave it a black edge so that it would stand out from the wall and we wouldn't lose any of the photo.

I am so excited about how it turned out. There are so many possibilities with this style of art. I could see numerous photos of a child put together in a collage, or you could even take one photo and separate it into 4 canvases for a huge impact over a fireplace.

Remember, we don't just print 8x10s. Think about something totally unexpected when hanging photographs in your house. Make it a piece of art rather than just a framed picture.


Anonymous 4:14 PM  

wow angie...this is awesome..i can't wait to see it-julie

Alison Bynum 7:48 AM  

that looks awesome.

Denise Skelton 2:05 PM  

it looks amazing! great job!

Anonymous 2:35 PM  

Angie - This is very cool. Wonderful idea! It came together perfectly. - Brandy Burns

nina 4:21 PM  

you've got mad skills Angie!!! I love it!