Baby Portraits - Shelbyville, Tennessee

I love seeing how much a baby has changed from their newborn session to their three month session. There is such a huge difference in that amount of time, much more than you see at the 6 month or the 9 month. Anna Claire is no different. She has filled out so much and has such great little expressions. If you don't remember, here's her slideshow from the day she was born. We did her three month session last week and she was just a doll. I can't wait until the 6 month (next to the newborn, that's my favorite). Below are a couple of my favorites.


Anonymous 6:40 PM  

You did a wonderful job as usual!!! Those are 2 of my favorites as well!! I still cry when I watch her Newborn slide show!! Thanks for always doing a great job!!

Robyn Pennington