Four Seasons of Love - Winter

This is the third installment of my 4 seasons of Love I am doing with Lindsey and Nick. If you live in Tennessee, you know that we very seldom get much snow. So we waited all winter just hoping for a good snow day some weekend that neither of them had to work. Well, we finally gave up and just went ahead and scheduled the shoot for a week ago Saturday. Can you believe that it not only snowed that morning but while we were taking pictures. I don't remember ever being so cold in my life, but I definitely think it was worth it. Click here to check out the slideshow.

We did their summer session last August and their fall session last November. Just one more to go in the spring and by that time, we'll be ready for the wedding.


Anonymous 6:33 PM  

SO these pictures of those two people are amazing and they are very good posers! haha Thanks they look really great of US!
Love Lindsey